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innovation; evolution; product design; new product development; dominant design; design history; marketing; design methodology; product evolution diagram; product family tree; product phases; case studies; design; incremental development; discontinuous leap; path dependence; diffusion of innovations; disruptive innovations; on the origin of species; Darwin; speciation; adaptation; exaptation; gene; meme; genetics; memetics; itemetics; knowledge accumulation; Know-how; know-what; system diagram; subsystems; sub-system; niche; biology; technology; technium; stone tools; man-made; non-genetic evolution;
Lineage; descent; taxonomy; Linnaean classification; tree of life; phylogenetic tree; language tree;
Product Evolution Diagram; Product Family Tree; Ecosystem; roots; base; dead ends; branch;
product life cycle; product phase; product characteristics; performance; optimisation; itemisation; segmentation; individualisation; awareness; new product development; design strategy; patterns and mechanisms of innovation; retrospective case study;
incandescent lamp; General Lighting Solutions; GLS; Compact Fluorescent Lamp; CFL; LED bulb; product family; product class; system diagram; dominant design
Child Restraint System; CRS; niche; consumer guide; legislation; system diagram; dominant design; Product Family Tree; Product Evolution Diagram; Product Phases; consumer guide; consumer magazine

product evolution; innovation; product design; new product development; NPD; dominant design; technology cycles; ferment; incremental change; substitution; design competition; elaboration of dominant design; word processor; typewriter; electric bicycle; ebike; e-bike; pedelc; smartphone; mobile phone; cell phone; telephone; PDA; LED lamp; electric light; incandescent lamp; compact fluorescent lamp

punctuated equilibrium; exaptation

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