• This website serves as a platform on which to post blogs on the evolutionary nature of technological innovation in general, and the evolution of products in particular.

    For the sake of easy navigation the posts have been organised into two categories. The first category ‘Product Evolution’ provides examples of products that undergo evolutionary change to such an extent that, in effect, a new ‘type of product’ starts to emerge. The second group of posts is dubbed ‘Evolutionary Metaphors’. Here I aim to collect posts that discuss examples of similarities between evolution in biology and technology, as published by other authors and/or from private observations.

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  • Evolutionary Metaphors


    This post discusses the notion of speciation used in evolutionary biology and the extent to which the emergence of new types of products can be compared with it. Speciation The notion of speciation is used in biology for the evolutionary process by which new species emerge. This requires genetic isolation,…

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